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Thursday, September 27, 2018

All Names Of Maa Durga - Happy Navratri

Maa Durga All Names

All Names Of Maa Durga
Goddess Durga is the almighty, mysterious, and the most perfect type of vitality. She is the powerhouse of virtue and the destroyer of shrewdness. An exemplification of woman's rights, Goddess Durga is a noteworthy impact of positive thinking and confidence in a considerable measure of Hindu family units. With something like 108 names in her kitty, She is the all powerful and one of the most grounded gods in the Hindu religion. 

The nation over, individuals pick goddess Durga names for infant young ladies as they are motivated by the excellent mentality that the Devi have. Individuals trust that if their child young ladies get the Goddess' name, they would not exclusively be a portrayal of the female power yet would likewise convey a similar consideration and love that the god has for her devotees.

There Are Total 35 Names Of Maa Durga

  1. Aishani
  2. Baruni
  3. Isha
  4. Kaamakya
  5. Gayatri
  6. Kaalaka
  7. Kanyaka
  8. Kaushiki
  9. Niranjana
  10. Purala
  11. Rima
  12. Santati
  13. Sarita
  14. Sarvani
  15. Sattviki
  16. Tanvi
  17. Stuti
  18. Trariti
  19. Trinetra
  20. Tvarita
  21. Toshani
  22. Shambhavi
  23. Mahashweta
  24. Gauri
  25. Kirati
  26. Ishi
  27. Dakshayani
  28. Anika
  29. Karalika
  30. Kuja
  31. Mahagauri
  32. Mahamaya
  33. Pragalbha
  34. Sarbani
  35. Saumyaa

Maa Durga is Symbol Of Female Power.
So, Which Is Your Favorite Name Of Maa Durga Tell Us In Comment Box.
Team wishes you and your family a happy navratri.


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